Settings 1/8” Modified Impact Acrylic (Trolase) & 7 watt Diode Laser (J Tech Photonics)

Anyone use Trolase 1/8" plastic and J Tech Photonics 7 watt Diode Laser to engrave?

Need an idea on settings.

1/8” Modified Impact Acrylic (Trolase) & 7 watt Diode Laser (J Tech Photonics)

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Here are a few Material Libraries produce by one of our wonderful members @richfaraone. Rich may have additional feedback for this specific material. :slight_smile:

He also produced this How to build and Material Library video to assist.

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I generally won’t do plastics, but Trolase is one of the few that you can cut without worrying about the toxic fumes. I have never cut it, however, Neje’s 40W (7.5W Optical output) lib file has acrylic listed as 140 mm/sec & 100% power with 2 passes.

Since you have a 7W this would probably be where I would start testing. However, whenever I use a new material, I always do a vector & raster test burn first, so there’s no question of how to use it. Relying on other people’s settings is the “lazy man’s” way and will take you twice as long to figure it out.



So here’s what I ended up with:

The number 2 was engraved using a 1/8 router bit. The letters with the Jtechphotonics laser.

Trolase Blue/White plastic
Jtech Photonics 7 watt Diode Laser

Fill / Line
Interval (default 0.152mm)

1200 mm/ min
100 % Power
2 Passes

400 mm/min
30% Power
1 Pass

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