Creating A Material Library in Lightburn

Since getting my friends involved this hobby I’ve been forced to create videos rather than spend hours tutoring them. So since YouTube is the best way to publish them, I’m going to share them with all you newbies here as well.

If you’re NOT using Lightburn Libraries, you’re spending WAY too much time getting organized! Ask me how I know!

And since there are so many confusing videos on the topic on YouTube, I decided to make a clear and concise video. Other tutorials run you in circles with too much fluff. Here I tried to explain it as clearly as I could without all the extraneous information. I hope it helps you out!

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Art Library is coming up next!


Really nice videos you make, but, could you please turn off your background music ?, it disturbs enormously.

1 Like No, it’s already published, so I can’t. I don’t find it disturbing at all, but I’ll lower it on the next one, just for people who do like you. YouTube videos without background music get 30% less retention according to Google’s statistics.

I like your vids, but I agree with Bernd.

Background music while I’m trying to listen to someone explain something is one of the top things that makes me bail out and go elsewhere. I find it distracting, obnoxious, and unnecessary.
If I need music while I’m trying to watch something educational I’m quite capable of coming up with my own playlist.
I still think your vids are good.

Point taken… I have changed the link to a version with no music.

Thank you!


Richard, thank you for not being offended, that was not the intention either. It is interesting that Google Analytics can detect such a big difference whether there is music in the background or not. I’m probably just too old-fashioned and not so multitasking ready anymore.
I think it’s a fine and useful effort you make to spread the word about Lightburn`s many amazing possibilities, thank you for that.


thanks for your helpful work richard.

i believe you can re-publish the video on youtube.

although i am here as a fellow Lightburn user, you will see from my website that i have a lot of experience in video production.

i would suggest you remove the music entirely. re-publish, then delete the original video.


I’m not surprised by the statistic, however, I do wonder what the number would be if the population (of video types) was narrowed down to software tutorials. While I haven’t watched your video (I certainly intend to! I find the subject very interesting!) I agree with the others that I’ll abandon a video if the music is anything other than a subdued background. Of course, I’m an old fogey, but I need the info much more than the entertainment.

The tutorial was good, but two things confused me.

  1. Why did the layer name change to 10%?
    1.a How does a material library entry change the layer name?
  2. You did a ‘Save As’ but then there was this added on text that said LightBurn doesn’t really create a file. You need to make the file first. That wasn’t in the video. Did you do that ‘behind the scenes’?

PS: and the music was distracting :wink:

@TomWS The layer name didn’t change. If you name a layer, it retains that name forever. So that’s probably something I may have changed to save out a file. Layer names have no meaning, other than to the users. Some people change names to remember how to assign them. For instance, changing the name of C02 to CUT because it’s red. The layers are normally called C01, C02, etc. But if you change it manually, it’ll remember the changes for that layer.

Lightburn stores library information outside the program. So yes, you need to choose Save As in LB once you build the library. And once you choose a name and location, the library file is automatically created by LB.

Ah, so that’s what your pop up message was saying. I missed that and it probably isn’t necessary as the Save As is a reasonable thing to do at that point.

I did find the 10% as a layer name confusing and distracting, especially after you had assigned the “Example” to C01 layer early on. You might want to fix that if you rework the video.

@TomWS The name Example was the file name I saved the library file as. 10% was just a layer name. You’ll probably get used to that over time as you save projects and assign names to the layers for that specific project. I name layers when I share complete LB projects with friends.

And here is the edited version with no music.

Thank you all for the input!


@TomWS Well I uploaded a new version with no music for us “old fogies” :- :nerd_face:

Thank you, @richfaraone! Nicely done and very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

i would suggest you remove the music entirely. re-publish, then delete the original video.

Thank you @barrie but it already has 129 views and 4 comments, and there are links from posts on Facebook, so I can’t do that. I did however, upload a new version with no music.

Thanks for the advise, it’s done!


@Rick Thank you Rick! It’s my pleasure. And I also appreciate the fact that you guys make such an incredible piece of software without price gouging! Unfortunately, very few seem to take the time to learn how to use it.

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thank You for your work in producing the video. i’m sure it will get many views.

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My pleasure Sir! I’m glad you appreciate it!

i watched the video through.

Highly Recommend it for all Lightburn users.