Settings bachin 4050 bed with neje 30w

I’m going to pull my hair out. I had a bachin D8-4050P. I changed the laser to neje 30w. Everything was lasering bigger and I couldn’t set the machine to the bed size. I’ve switched it on today and when I press up it’s going down and vice versa. What the heck has happened. How do I reinstall it and get it right. I am new to this and need it working. I won’t reply until tomorrow as I’m at work now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Relax here…

Did you make a backup of the configuration before you started messing with it?

Just changing out the head should not cause the issues you indicate. Something changed in the configuration since the only hardware change is the head.

How did the bed size change when you mounted the laser?

Get to it when you can, we all have things we need to do…


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Will start from the begining today as I didn’t save it and thought I had.

Still no luck. I cleared all settings in lightburn and started again. It says the bed size isn’t right but it is.

Manually as it couldn’t find it. I have it working but its slow and x and y are reversed now.

It’s working now but slower than before and had to put the bed half thr size it is for the cut dimensions to be the right size. I needed it for Xmas stuff. If you know the answer to that one I will mess with that once I’ve got my orders out.

Changed the module but messed up touching settings oops.

I have had to scale everything down even though it is the right size when lasering.

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