Settings change in saved Lightburn file

Good morning everyone! We just started having an issue with our LS1416 (65 watt) using Lightburn and Ruida 644XS. We open a file that we used last night with no problems, but this morning the speed and power settings have changed. One setting we had was 15 speed 45 power to cut approx 1/4" leather. We have been using that setting for quite awhile. This morning when we opened the file the settings were .4 speed (yes that is point 4) and the power was 45. A few other layers were changed as well. We change the settings back to 15/45 and it doesn’t even come close to cutting all the way through. To both me and my wife it seems that the laser head is moving way to fast to be set at 15. It seems like it is more like 400-500 speed. We have not had this machine for even a year and this is kind of work is done on the side so we do not have that many hours put on this machine. Could this be a laser or Lightburn issue? Has anyone had this issue before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t suppose it’s as simple as the setting has been changed from mm/min to mm/sec?



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