Settings changed with update to 1.2.00

Another problem. After downloading the latest Lightburn my K40 will no longer read and burn at set rates on lightburn. Like image and cut. All the same as the cut power setting. Good Greef people. Please test before releasing.

This is a very different problem from the power cord. I’m going to move it to it’s own thread for better exposure and with the intent of capturing what happened here.

In LightBurn 1.2.00 click File and click Open Prefs Folder.

Open the folder called backup then open the folder called prefs.

If you drag and drop a prefs file from before and immediately after the update I can get them to the developers.

I’d prefer the prefs file after the update and before any settings changes were made.

We’ve been testing for MONTHS. Can you take a picture of your settings, or attach a LightBurn project file that you’re having trouble with so we can have a look? You haven’t provided any specifics, like which speed / power settings you’re using.

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