Settings different in LightBurn than on the Ruida?

Hi everyone,

I had a frustrating and puzzling experience yesterday. I was going to burn a image on a white tile yesterday (Norton method and ImagR) which I have done often before. I loaded the picture onto Lightburn and applied a mask to a smaller section of the picture to run a few test burns and make setting adjustments. I sent the file to the laser (Ruida) and ran the file. As it was progressing I made a few last minute power and speed tweaks at the Ruida panel. I was satisfied with the result so wrote down the final power and speed setting from the Ruida, went back to LightBurn and updated the settings there. I removed the mask and sent the file to the laser again. Ran the job on a new tile (same batch and painted at the same time with the same paint) and the result was very different than what my test had just showed me. It was darker, less detail ect.
Is there something obvious that I messed up or did I miss a step? Like I say, it isn’t the first tile that I have done this way.
Thanks for any and all help.

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