Settings for cutting a shape

Hi all, Newbie here.

I have watched several videos and decided to try and engrave which worked out well. Then I thought I would try and cut a circle out of 3mm hardboard as a test,

I got the setting I thought was correct but the circle did not cut out. I then saw in this forum about setting the passes and offset for each pass, however, mine is greyed out. See Image

I would be grateful for any assistance

Many Thanks

if you mean the Z offset yours is greyed out probably cause you don’t have Z
and to cut 3mm wood i go at 500mm/min in 10 passes at 100% power, in this way i got a very clean cut, but i also have air assist kit by Atomstack

Thank you for the quick response - circle now cut

I dare say I will be asking many newbie questions :grin:

glad you solved your issue

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