Settings for dark wood engraving

I have tried a few different settings but cant seem to find one that will emgrave on dark wood. Any help is much appreciated l. I usually do 1200 speed and 75% power for my bamboo cutting boards.

It is going to depend on the wood of course but I did this on cherry recently. The fill at the outside edge was 1300 at 85% while the dragonfly image was 1500 at 100% max. Cherry is not a very dark wood but darker than some I normally use. The images below make the wood look lighter than it is.

The other thing I did was on sapele with just burning the material test. With this you can get a good idea of where to start.

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Use multiple passes to darken and or deepen the cut.
Pre-treat the wood with borax+water mixture to significantly darken the markings. This may cause the engrave to leave ash behind in the cut. There are several ways to fix that ash so it does not smear.


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