Settings for engraving glasses

I am running a YoraHome 6550 with a 15 watt laser and would like to get some ideas on laser power and speed settings for engraving on glasses. I will also be using the YoraHome TLC rotary. I have the needed black acrylic paint just need some input for the rest. Are there any changes for the LBGR file?

Assuming your laser is linearly de-rated from my NEJE 30W, then 455mm/min @ 70% power, 254 DPI should get you close enough to be able to do a useful test pattern, which I HIGHLY recommend before committing to your finished work.

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Do you paint it first?


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Thanks, Tom. My laser is a diode. Are these settings for that or the C02 laser?

Yes. You need to paint the glass first.

Yes, the basis for the settings are for my 30W NEJE diode module (original, not the newer FAC type module).
And I air brushed the paint on to the glass. You want coverage to get a thermal reaction, but not so much that it’s insulated from the glass. Look at the photos on:

Probably any kind of spray method would work as long as you don’t get a thick build up.

Thanks again Tom. I will be trying those settings today. Don’t have an air brush so I’ll try painting a thin coat of paint instead. The picture with the paint on really helped. Gave a good idea of the paint thickness. :+1:

Was wondering, since I thought glass was transparent to led laser light.

Not a required step with co2.



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