Settings for Formbot Raptor2.0

Having a devil of a time getting the co-ordinates set for my Raptor 2.0 using Marlin Gcode.
The edit screen does not correspond with the print platform. And it wants to print off the platform entirely and backwards. Has anyone successfully set up a Formbot printer with Lightburn?

To use absolute positioning you need to have positive X & Y values into the workspace, with an origin in one of the four corners. If you can get that set in the firmware, it should work. If you can’t do that, you can use ‘Current Position’ mode and set the job origin - read here:

Yes, thank you, it was operator error. Once I got the absolute, current and user positions figured out, things worked very well. as long as I avoid using the home button, which positions the head at 50x, 72y and then locks up the Z axis because the BLtouch sensor is not connected (have removed the printhead) I think I might install the laser on the side of the 3D print head, so the firmware is happier seeing the sensor.
Thanks for the help.

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