Settings for galvo needed!

Need a bit of help…I have a 40w co2 galvo. Been noticing that when cutting 3mm thick material the edges are tapered where the laser has cut. So effectively, the top face is smaller than the bottom face. It looks about a 3 degree angle. The head is square to the base. Can anyone help me please?

If you examine how a galvo works, this is an inherent issue.

The output from a galvo is more like a triangle … it’s technically difficult to create a triangle with parallel sides…

Oval is lens, red block is material… although exaggerated, this is what I think this is what’s happening… top face is smaller than the bottom face

Make sense?

Suggest you apply a little geometry and see if can confirm or deny that’s the issue in your case…

I could see a 3 degree angle occurring…

Is this an RF laser?


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Yes its an RF. And the image is exactly what i am describing.

Unless the lens is directly above the cut, it will have an angle to it…

That’s how they work, so I don’t know of anyway to fix that … as it’s not broken.

Nice it’s an RF type, those are at least fast enough to make good use of the galvo.


Larger lens/ smaller work area will reduce effect, but will always be there to some extent.

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