Settings for manual jog function

Hi fellow Ruidaers,
Apparentliy I have somehow deleted/reset the values for the manual jog function. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: The head wont move with the buttons on the machine, value is 0. And I can’t find out where to put them back in! My OMTech is 400x 600 mm
I clicked through the whole menu, but seem to be blind for the correct place to go to…
Anyone a hint for me, please?! :relieved: Thank you!!! Mirjam

The speed option on the console allows manual speed changes to moving the head from the machines console.

There are also settings for continuous or manual in the Z/U → manual along with the distance if it’s not ‘continuous’

Is this what you need?


Thank you Jack!
What I want to do is move the head manually to a different position - out of the way or over material. With the buttons on the console.
I’ll try again a bit later, will report back!

Didn’t mention, if you change the speed, min/max power the new changes will be applied to what’s executing. In effect override the settings from Lightburn.

I use this to help isolate the proper speed/power. I can do a constant image and adjust speed and power as it runs.

Good luck


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