Settings for Mini Gerbil (Awesometech) for K40

Does anyone have the miniGRB controller up and running with the k40?
I had it running but had to reinstall and for some reason my settings backup is not working as it should (i have problems with homing)
Could anyone list their preferences and paste it here? :slight_smile:
(I have followed here but still have problems: What are $ Settings ? โ€“ AwesomeTech)

I have a settings file from my old K40 with MiniGerbil, but I canโ€™t check or guarantee if itโ€™s good enough because I donโ€™t have the machine anymore.
Hope it will help you.

K40-030221.txt (1.1 KB)

Thank you.
I actually got it working had a few errors (inverted end switch for one)
But thank you :slight_smile: