"Settings->Load default layer settings on new or restart" not working as expected

As the title suggests, it seems that Cut Layer settings do not get restored to defaults at restart. Instead, the cut layer settings persist as they are after restart or new document. Toggling the option seems to make no difference in behavior at all.

Screenshot showing Cut layer after restart:

Can anyone reproduce?

OS: Windows 11
LightBurn Version: 1.0.06

I’m trying this right now and the layer settings seem to follow the .lbrn file as I would expect. I’ll look into the Default settings part.

Can you give me the play-by-play / step-by-step?

The basic premise is that with the option set, all layer settings should revert to their default settings (like a new install) upon restart.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open LB as normal
  2. Customize any cut layer setting
  3. Restart LB
  4. Confirm whether or not the customized cut layer setting has indeed reset to defaults or not.

I’m finding that step 4 doesn’t occur. The only way I can get back to defaults is by hitting “Reset to Default” at the individual cut setting options.

I usually open LightBurn with an lbrn file. If I open it without an lbrn file I get an empty Cuts/Layers window - but that could be my default.

Opening with an existing .lbrn file will use the cut layers defined in the .lbrn file, at least for the layers that are defined in the file.

The cut layer settings are not seen unless you add a design that uses the cut layer. Try adding a simple shape to a new document and review the cut layer settings. I suspect it will inherit the settings from the last loaded .lbrn file and not reset to default.

Indeed! You’re right. it seemed to grab the power/speed from the last file it opened without opening it - regardless of the status of that switch.

(Win 7 pro, 1.0.06 GRBL1.1f controller)

Okay. Thanks for confirming. I noticed this when after opening files from here to review that my settings were messed up… even with the setting applied.

It’s a bit of a pain having to cycle through each one to apply the default. I think there’s actually a separate design flaw where if you load a file designed for one controller that has settings not available in another controller that those “not accessible” settings are still actually set in the layer. They literally cannot be “fixed” by changing any visible settings. Only a default restore will correct for this.

I’m still digging into this.

If you double-click on the C00 line in the Cuts/Layers window, Cuts Settings Editor pops up and defaults can be set there (buttons on the bottom row). I’m going to try some different default settings and see what happens.

The way this is supposed to work is this:

  • Open the cuts/layers window
  • Edit the settings to your liking
  • Click ‘Make Default’ or ‘Make Default for all’

If you use ‘Make default’ it just sets the default for that one layer, and the others will retain whatever state they were before. If you click ‘Make default for all’, it sets the default values for all layers. Any layers without a default applied will ‘carry’ whatever their last used setting was from one run to the next.

If it’s not doing that, please let us know. :slight_smile:

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So after some experimenting with this here’s what I find.

  1. Setting “Make Default” explicitly at the cut layer will allow the “Load default layer settings” to load the explicitly defined Default.
  2. However, the canned default (when one is not explicitly created) does not load. This is a little counterintuitive because “Restore defaults” in the cut setting does in fact do something. It seems to revert to initial install settings.
  3. Using “Make default for all” does seem to apply the cut parameters as default for all layers, however, the layer names themselves remain the same. I suppose this is to avoid naming clashes.

So I guess the way I’m now interpreting the settings is more of a “Load my configured defaults on new or restart”.

If this is the way it’s intended to work then it’s behaving as expected. The only really counterintuitive part of this for me is that it doesn’t work for the canned defaults.

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We could make it force those if there isn’t a user defined default. I can see why that’s unintuitive.


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