Settings lost after crash

Hi all,
i had a crash on Lightburn and after restart all my projects, lasers, graphic library and settings are gone, any ideas what to do?
Thanks in advance

I don’t know where windows ‘puts’ this stuff …

You might search the drive for files with a .lbrn2 extension or the .lbset which is the machine settings file…

I don’t see how a failure of Lightburn could cause this kind of loss

It’s probably out there ‘somewhere’ on your disk…


I considered this possibility but the SSD is barely 2 weeks old. I have found the Lightburn folder in which are only 2 folders: backup and presets
And in backup are another 3 folders, but legacy is empty.
Is it the same for you?

Lightburn will save your project anywhere you specify… You’re probably finding the ones that Lightburn uses in the background and configuration.

When you run Lightburn after it crashes, it will generally find the backup file and ask if you wish to ‘restore’ the editing session…

Can you find any files with *.lbrn* type of search mask?


I found the lbrn2 projectfiles but they are marked as internet shortcut, i think something caused the corruption of the files

Did you try opening one of them?

Never heard of them being an ‘internet shortcut’…


yeah i tried, no succes. I have data recovery running, may this can restore something

Are you saving to a cloud storage drive like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive?

If so, it’s generally recommended not to work from those locations. You can backup to those locations without issue but something with how they work can corrupt open files.

No i dont, but since now i have my lightburnfolder included into my non stop recovery tool, stupid i didnt before…
Datarecovery gave me back most of my projects and one of my lasersetups. the rest would be not that big deal. Thank you for help buddy!

Recovery gave me most of my stuff back, thanks for your help buddy!

Click File > Load Prefs Backup, then pick one from before you lost the settings.

The files themselves are not lost, it just failed to load your preferences for some reason, then saved an empty Prefs file over them when quitting, but it stores backups every time it saves them, so you can just recover the backup.

We’ve been trying to figure out why this happens, but haven’t ever gotten it on our own systems.

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You safed my day man, i dont know why but the last 29 backup points have just 1 laser in it, but the 30th had all my machines inside and my 3D library! I have generated supportfiles if you need.

Great software man! Can you might tell if there will be support for EZCAD3 in the future? This would allow me to controll all my lasers with your awesome software <3 !

Every time you touch anything that changes the prefs, LightBurn saves them, and does a backup of what was there before, so it was probably you opening & closing the software (changes the window positions), or anything you changed while setting it all back up again. It’s part of the reason we keep the last 50. :slight_smile:

We want to do it, but haven’t done (or even started) the work yet. We have a few other things
of higher priority at the moment, but it’s definitely on the list.

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Okay i understand, thank you for explaining :slight_smile:

That would be great, cant wait the day you will release it :sweat_smile:

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