Settings start position

Hi folks

I have 2 problems
All I want is help setting up my machine
I want to set it up so the green square is on the bottom left of the grid and stays there I want to open a previous job
And it goes to the place its set to go not back to front in the top left
And the laser to go back to the start point bottom left
Help please I’m going mad
I have only had my new laser for a week so I’m still very green
Also be gentle with me I’m a 63 year old tecno muppet
So no long complicated words please lol
Thanks I look forward to diving deeper into lasering

Unfortunately, you don’t write anything about your machine, but the origin of the machine is usually where your endstops are. During setup of your laser you will be asked for it, along with the dimensions of your machine bed. You can also change the settings afterwards, see image.
However, a drawing/construction made on a different machine or with a different origin will use the settings from this machine.

Hi i have a omtech 60w
With a ruida board
I know the machine will home top left as it has the little red boxes in the corner of the machine
On set up i did try to set home bottom left but that didn’t seem to help
With my old laser 3018 home was set to bottom and thats where i started all my jobs
Worked well :slight_smile:

Then you have the same machine as I have :wink:
With OMT-60Watt machines, the machine origin is top-left, here the optical or physical limit switches are mounted.
When I reuse files I’ve made from my other laser machines on my OMT-60W, I have to either mirror or rotate the items to “fit” the machine, then save them with a different name for this machine.

PS. age is no obstacle, desire drives the work

I have the 50 watt model. In simple terms you have to use the origin that corresponds to your machines origin. If not the object will be flipped or mirrored depending on what quadrant you are operating in and that of the machine.

All machine use 0, 0 as a reference, generaly speaking, and are here.

If the machines home is back/left then the machine is operating in quadrant IV.


If you set your software to front/right you are operating in quadrant II


Makes sense?

You can use the ‘job origin’ to tell the laser when to start the job…


The age thing was very tongue in cheek lol
So sould i set it up home top left

How do i get the laser to start and go to bottom left
I n light burn bottom left is my work start and thats where i want the laser to start :slight_smile:
Its a habbit i have got into

Hi jack
I think you lost me after the second line
Sorry but im green to big boy lasering

Don’t say that around the airport…

A computer, laser, milling machine is a tool. I’m sure you’ve probably figure out how a hammer works, same animal, a tool, with a few more options/buttons.

You don’t pick up a hammer and drive nails in one swat, it takes practice to use it well. Just like these things…

If I lost you, then you will be lost until you figure out how the coordinate system works. It will be nothing but a head ache, everything you do on any cnc is based on the coordinate system.

Difficult to understand how you survived with a CNC3018 lacking this…

Might want to read the Lightburn documentation on Coordinate and Job Origin

Also you can’t arbitrarily pick a home location by software. Our new Subaru is really a cnc machine. When I turn the wheel a number is generated via a Computerized Numerical Control and it executes what I want done (I hope)…

You are asking to configure the software for right hand drive when it’s hardware is setup for left hand drive. Will make operation difficult, although probably not impossible… awkward to sit on the right and use the peddles on the left.

We were all green at one time, don’t let it keep you up at night.

Hang in there, you’ll get a handle on it and we’re here to make that ‘handle’ more easily obtainable. Pick our brains now, once I’m history, the pickings are over.

I’ve got 5 years on you, so quit your whining :crazy_face:

Good luck


Hi thanks for your help
I think its sorted
Im looking forward to another battle with my laser lol

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