Settings to burn lightly

I have a sparkly brand new 100 watt laser, and it seems the lightest setting is 10%
and I want to burn some tiny details lightly into some wood. It seems to throttle down the speed on my 3mm test lettering, I’m guessing it’s like 50mm/s or so, no matter what I set the speed at (makes sense, that’s whipping around on tiny letters) so, there is no difference between 80mm/s at 10% and 500mm/s at 10%. And at those settings, it’s burning hot enough to nearly pierce my 3mm sheet of boxwood.
Might there be a way in lightburn to get my laser to (ahem) lightly burn the letters? or is this the wrong project for this burly laser?

I found the solution! quite simple. Set the line “Mode” from “Line” to “fill”
that way, it does a raster. I set my speed to 500mm/s, the machine actually ran at around 300mm/s which made it fast enough to give a light burn from lightburn. :slight_smile:

glad you found a solution!

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