Settings using mdf 3mm

I know im a total pain…lol… here is my issue now. im trying so hard to learn all this. I have been doing tons of reading and trial and many errors. I have made my design, and trying to cut it…and its not cutting through. im using mdf 3mm uggg.lbrn (69.1 KB)

At speeds of 10mm/sec and lower the Ruida controller defaults to the Min Power setting (which you have set at 10%).
Either turn your Min Power up or set the speed to 11 mm/sec or higher.

Do you have a mA meter on your machine? Your max power of 100% may be overdriving your tube if it’s like so many other ruida based machines. I’d keep it below 70% until you’ve verified that the tube current is reasonable.

Anyway, for 3mm MDF and a 60w machine, try 18mm/sec @ 65% power and see how that goes, then fine tune from there.

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