Settings were lost during license renewal / update

several days ago I get “license valid but expired” message. I couldn’t update the license immediately so I just closed the app Next day I opened it again to work without connection to device but whatsoever I tried to press on that message - the app eventually throws me to empty devices list.

I’ve paid 10 mins ago or so but maybe the payment hasn’t been processed yet, so the renew message still appears.

I need to work without laser for some time, is there any way I can bypass adding laser or is there any way to restore my machine settings?

Current ver: 0.9.18.

Thank you.

Looks like it is related to version update: I’ve found not only machine settings were lost but all my settings at all :((((( Much like described here New update issues, the reason why I discovered it only now is because I haven’t used the machine for about a month or so.

So my solution was exactly as RalphU said: restore ini from backup. But WTH it was reset???

It shouldn’t have been reset - we don’t touch the settings when you install a new version or when the license status changes, so I’m not sure why that would happen.

We do keep backups of your preferences now, so it’s generally pretty easy to get them back from File > Open Prefs folder, close LightBurn, then copy one of the previous ones from the backup folder into the main folder.

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