Settings when using PWM Laser diode?

I have designed my first Laser engraver
I have the Mini Gerbil controller
I`m going to test NEJE 2.5W and 5.5W Laser diode (PWM/TTL)
After some “googleing” I found that I should use " RF excited tube" mode to get the best PWM results, but I cant find how/where to alter laser mode/type.

I have connected the laser to 12V and the PWM output on MiniGerbi - but when I test the “Fire” function the laser stays on when I set fire = off

The laser have 4 pins
+/- 12V

That is only if you are using a Ruida controller to drive a diode laser. Mini Gerbil does not have this option.

For the diode you have, you should contact Awesome Tech to see if they have guidance for where to connect the outputs. I suspect you’ll need to connect both the TTL (on/off) pin from the laser and the PWM (power level) to the Gerbil board, but I don’t know enough about that hardware to know where those connections would go.

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