Setup 2 Laserheads Derek Laser Machine (crashing)

Hey guys,

since the supplier has no real ideas I will try it here.

We use a double head Derek Laser machine. They advise to use RDWorks but this is…I am here at lightburn the rest u can imagine.

Okay so far so good, the machine cables and setup is correctly.

Now we try to setup the second head and made a small test program with two layers, one for left one for right laser. And of course checked if the lasers are the correct to avoid crossings.

Now we start the program and the first laser (main Laser 160 Watt) engraves or cuts, the second laser only moving about the belt where it is fixed as well.

After the first test product it happens, the first laser try to move to the other position and causes a crash.

Even when we do on this RDWorks…the second laser engraves but also crashes.

do we something wrong like optimize cut path?

Maybe someone can help us.

By the way maybe is important :slight_smile: we use AI to import the programs.

We want: engrave with two lasers cause we have some detailed products and need to speed up our processes. The cutting should be only by big laser cause the 60W second head is unable to cut this materials.


Ruida 644XG is the control system, Lightburn the laser works smooth but except the problems we told.
Windows 10 is the OS and we always make an x and y axis reset when change something at laser hardware

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