Setup Lightburn without machine connected

Can I set up Lightburn in my office as if it had the Ruida 6445G machine that is in the garage connected so that parameters are correct and files saves to usb work?

Of course, it is possible the LightBurn people are so understanding or even working in the same way as most of us, i.e. small older computer with only Lightburn to control the laser and another most often better computer or laptop to create our masterpieces in the office or in the living room. I personally send the files either over LAN or by email to my workshop in the basement.
Remember to set up both machines with the same machine profile.

You can set it up to some extent. If you wish to set parameters for the Ruida, I don’t know how well that will work out. It’s usually the procedure to ‘read’ the controllers information, modify it and write it back out. Of course you have saved a copy of the original configuration so when you break it, you can restore it… Without a controller that’s kind of tough.

You need to know where the machines ‘home’ location is. Conceivably you should be able to do a good chunk of it, but I don’t know if it’s really that advantageous.

Don’t know what you mean here.

As Bernd advised, if possible, connect via Ethernet. I have mine in the garage, no Ethernet out there. $24 for a bridge and I connect wirelessly to the machine via the bridge on my local network.

Good luck there’s plenty of help here, take care :slight_smile:

It’s the good old fashioned way of transporting files and it still works really well. You can actually copy your machine profile from one computer to another with a USB memory stick, then you have two identical LightBurn computers.

Actually, that’s how I set mine up before I had the Ruida connection. So I guess this is a moot point?

Sorry the wording still has me lost. Not that it matters.

Hope Michael got it worked out, take care…

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