Several error codes, but especially 15 (jog target exceeds machine travel)

Got my Ortur LM2 yesterday and had a good night setting it up. This morning I went to use it and got several errors. The major one is #15. I do have homing switches and when the laser is powered on it goes home (0,0). But the buttons on the move menu in LightBurn do not move the laser, nor will it move when I hit the “go to orgin” button. I am in the trial version on a MAC. I see lots of people have some issues that I’m having, but I don’t see where there are fixes. Last night the laser would home all the way to the left and want to keep going so I found an article on negative workspace and changed the parameters. Now it homes correctly, but won’t move a mm after homing. I’m happy to post any photos or screen shots so someone can help get me up and running.

Thinking the G54 line may be my issue. Any clue how to fix it?Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 9.48.14 PM

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