SFX Fiber Laser 50W Installation with a macbook

Hi there,

I’m extremely new to laser machinery so please excuse my basic knowledge.

I’ve just opened my new SFX Fiber Laser 50W machine and I am currently reading the instructions. The instructions for driver installation says that Windows 7/8/10 is required to operate the machine. I have a macbook and I bought the machine because the manufacturer said it Lightburn was compatible with the machine.

Can I soley use my macbook to operate this machine?

Thanks in advance

The Chinese software package, EZCad2, is a windows only software. I run Linux, so I can’t run their software either.

Lightburn should work fine on the Mac.

Did you get a trial copy?

I have run EZCad2 lens correction software on my spouses Windows machine when I get new lenses…

Sing out if you need help with something…

Good luck


Got it working on my macbook, thanks!

What got it working?

If someone with your problem had posted and answer, you may have had it fixed long ago…

Details are nice for people looking for answers…

Glad it’s up… mark the thread solved…

Take care


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