Shadowing Effect on Text

Using xTool D1 10 W. Whenever I try to engrave text onto a drinking glass using a rotary set up, the word has 3D effect - like shadows created with a light shining behind the letters. I have no idea how I may have turned this on or how to turn it off. I’ve looked everywhere in the softwater I can. Help!

If willing, show us what this looks like, along with a screenshot of the original artwork in LightBurn and one of the Preview window. We can go from there. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for getting back to

me. Attached photos show multiple attempts with the shadow effect. Also a screen shot of the files preview.

From what I can see it looks like you are scanning in the Y direction. This will make the cup 'jump around when it tries to move.

Is your scanning angle 0 ?

I don’t have your machine, but the engraving direction seems questionable.

How much this has to do with the initial question…?


I had gone in and changed the fill pattern to vert and horiz then angled them by 15 degrees. Thats the only weird thing I did.

I have solved it though, i went in and restored factory settings. Thanks for the help. Im still wondering why it happened.

Probably because some ‘factory settings’ got changed.

You got it working, and you know what to look for in the future, so it’s a win…

Good luck


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