Shadows on Tumblers

I have a brand new Nova 51 Laser I have recently set up. I am struggling with engraving logos onto Polar tumblers containing extra fine detail and logos with drop shadows. Do I need to set the “shadows and outlines” up as a different line item and have them engraved as a line instead of a fill. I am running my laser at 400mm/ 35% with the low air cracked open and the "air off in lightburn. I have input all of my scan and offset measurements and the Z axis disabled.

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It’s difficult to read the problem and not see the problem…

Photos are a huge benefit.

If you are lasing off the coating, how are you intending to duplicate this drop shadow without attempting some kind of dither?

If you can supply the project file, it would be nice and we can see the original and probably give you much better advise. Information, such as interval are important.