Shaky/ZigZag burn lines

I have Jtech 7W and I’m running it on my xcarve… it worked perfectly for months since I got it but today it started burning kinda jittery/zigzag lines. I updated the to new Lightburn version and immediately improved (not clean yet), I cleaned and refocused the lense, tighten xyz belts, tried several different types of wood and still not burning straight… Really not sure what to do here… any help will be greatly appreciated… I uploaded before software update (it doesn’t let me upload more than one pic as a new user) as it gives you good idea what I’m talking about…currently after update quality improved by some 50% or more

That looks like ‘bounce’ along the horizontal axis, or horizontal along the picture as you have it. Look at the capital ‘F’ - If the laser started at the bottom and moved counter-clockwise, the wobbles happen every time you change from moving horizontally to moving vertically, and settle down as you get farther from the corners. Check to make sure the laser assembly is mounted firmly too - if there’s play in the mounting it can vibrate too.

Thanks for your feedback… yes that’s certainly the case but don’t understand why all of a sudden… laser is securely mounted

This is pretty clearly mechanical. Did you run this faster than other jobs you’ve run? Anything else change on the machine, or with settings, compared to jobs you’ve run without issue in the past?

This was the setting I’ve used since pretty much since day one, 25/55 and it always cut clean… Last night I run in on slower speeds 15/50 and it cuts clean(er) although I noticed that step motors make kinda louder noise when moving vertically (they are pretty silent/normal when cutting horizontally).
No settings/hardware has been changed on CNC (xcarve) Thank you

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