Shape not allowing start point

Some shapes do not allow you to set the start point. Shape is not grouped and is just a path. See screenshot / attached file:

lightburn-bug.lbrn (15.1 KB)

This appears to be somehow related to breaking apart / auto joining shapes. I haven’t been able to figure out an exact workflow that causes it, or a way to re-enable the start point once it occurs.

Firmware version is 1.3.01.

Select the whole shape, press Alt+B to break it into a lot of tiny pieces, re-select it, and press Alt+J to re-join them in a proper continuous order.

Did you build this in 1.3, or an older version? 1.3 should do a better job of keeping things ordered the way LightBurn wants them. 1.2 and earlier would allow them to be joined in strange ways that confused some of the other tools.


Awesome, that fixed it!

Yes the shape was built in 1.2. I upgraded to 1.3 to see if it fixed the issue however I had only tested it on previously created shapes. I have not had this occur to a new shape in 1.3.

What does Alt+B do? I’ve never seen that command listed anywhere before.

If one has not reassigned the default hotkeys, the ‘Alt+B’ triggers the ‘Break Apart’ function, which will break the selected object into its individual parts. :slight_smile:

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Perfect, thanks so much!

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