Shape outline. how do I remove the crossing lines to create just an outline

Sariosa.lbrn2 (67.2 KB)

Hi I am trying to do this logo for my Daughter. I have joined all the pieces together but there is lines where there should be no lines. How do I remove the pieces so I can just have an outline.

Many thanks

You are almost there. I would recommend using the online documentation for the weld function under modifiers.

As @Rooster1956 has said the online doc’s will help you.

For the boolean tools to work both of the objects to be joined need to be closed shapes. In your file the face outline etc. ( i.e. not the leaves) is made up of many individual lines.

I have had a quick attempt at modifying it. This may give you a starting point to work from.

Sariosa mod.lbrn2 (50.5 KB)