Shape properties editing broken with new update

I just installed the new update, everything was working previously.

When I import an image and go to make adjustments to the gamma, contrast etc it now makes changes across multiple fields and does not appear to actually adjust the image at all. screen shots for context

unedited image right after being imported.
shape properties fresh

After only the Gamma field value was changed to 2 it also changed the contrast, brightness, and enhancement by the same value. This is consistent across all these fields if any one is changed they all change. None of these changes actually effect the image whatsoever.
shape properties after change

The only way to affect the image is to change the enhance radius which always just whites out the image, no matter the value that is entered.

Version 0.9.20 to be specific

Also for reference, the properties of previously saved images are preserved, however if any changes are made to the shape properties the same glitch shows up, and the image properties remain unaffected from the last held shape properties.

Thank you for reporting this. We have confirmed and can reproduce here as well. The dev team is aware and will post with further information shortly.

You can revert to 9.19 for now. All previous versions of LightBurn are available in our version archive, here:

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@BlindingVisuals, thank you again for reporting this. We have posted a fix for this. Go to ‘Help’→’Check for Updates’ to pull the fix. You should be told there is an update to 9.20. Download that and please, let us know how you get on.

Edit: An update announced by Oz. LightBurn 0.9.20 released

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Love you all, the reason LightBurn is the best is because of the strong support team and rapid response! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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