Shape Properties "Multi" edit messes up the shapes / doesn't work correctly

When I have multiple objects with different properties like:

Until now it’s everything fine, but when I select both of the objects with different properties,

and I try to modify one property, for example “Corner Radius”, it begins to get weird:

it doesn’t modify the “Corner Radius” but it changes the “multi” values like “Width” to “0” and Power scale to “-1”

is this a bug or I am using this the wrong way? I think its definitely a bug because I don’t see where this come in handy as a “feauture”… :smiley: .

is there a workaround for this?

I am using Lightburn 9.21 and 9.22 on a Mac and both have this behaviour. Maybe it is only in the Mac version?

I do not think at all that it is the intention that values can be adjusted when there are marked multiple objects, it will certainly be corrected.

Thank you for reporting this. I am still investigating, but can reproduce and confirm odd and unexpected behavior with multi-selected ‘Primitive Object’ shapes when editing from the ‘Shape Properties’ window.

So far, I am seeing this only if the objects are different sizes. Is this the same for you?

with two identical objects it works perfectly for both, with me here.

Try with two different size rectangles (LightBurn Primitive). What result does this produce for you?

with me both elements disappear if I e.g. change radius

If to Identical object in size, but different “Power Scale”. it apply the radius correctly…but it messes up the “Power Scale” to the “-1” value (see Pics bellow)
The two same size objects, different Power Scale:

After changing the “Corner Radius”, the Power Scale will be “-1”:

Thank you for your efforts and this additional information. Helpful. :slight_smile:

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