Shapeoko - XXL Can't set negative coordinates

I am having issues with setting correct coordinates. I’ve seen the set up video for shapeoko and it seems as though the $10=0 is not registering. I see it in the console when I hit $$. I’ve also set a laser macro
and other changes below.

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    Laser Macro - G10 L2 P1 X-812 Y-812
    mm to inches
    Front left oriented
    changed work area dimensions to 31x31 inches
    Changed $30, $31, $32

I’m running Lightburn through parallels if that makes a difference.

You’re right. LB cannot set negative positioning.

It actually can, several people have done so by manipulating the code with the above description. I’ve several issues like mine in my searching, with the exception that they mainly missed the $10=0 part.

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Thank you Rick. This has resolved my issue. I guess i ts not so much the software but the user and errors related to my specific machine.

I only copied and pasted from the LightBurn Documentation, but you are welcome. :smiley:

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