Shapeoko XXL & Carbide Motion Coordinate Issues after Lightburn Edit

After a series of mishaps after setting $10=0, I was able to get the User Origin to work. It hadn’t on prior projects. These included bouncing between CNC and laser mode and having to reset the project origin multiple times, but worked out. All without using the Use Laser & Use CNC macro buttons that were set up initially. I’m definitely not sure when these should be utilized…or not.

Regardless, after finishing a burn on a CNC project, I’m resetting for another run and started laying out the work piece with the laser and expected to simply start the project.

  • Now The honing goes to 0,0,0 coordinates
  • After moving to any location, no coordinates are shown other than 0,0,0
  • After selecting FAST moves for Z moves, the machine only moves Y+ no matter which direction I choose
  • During a test project after zeroing at an origin point, the router was moved to the 0,0,0 home location and started there vs at the origin

I’ll also post this in the Carbide3D forum in the event it has nothing to do with Lightburn and J-Tech laser settings.

Thanks for any help.

It looks like resending the XXL config data may be clearing this problem up. Is this normal after making change via Lightburn’s console?

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