Shapes are not closed all of sudden

I am using lightburn on a Mac. And since after this morning I have noticed that the shapes are not closed anymore. So, I am unable to cut them because they give me that the shapes are open. This is very strange because I was using an online box generator to get a burn test and it is an automated generator and has never given me that error before. Just to double check, I opened the previously downloaded file that had cut perfectly without giving the shapes open error and it is giving the same error.

Did I change some setting in the software when I was working on image tracing this morning? This is frustrating. Thanks!

Cutting will not give an open shapes error, but filling will.

What format are you importing these as? (DXFs are notorious for this)

Nothing you set in the image tracing window would affect this, but there is a DXF auto-close tolerance that you can change in the settings. I generally leave mine at 0 to 0.05mm, and you can also just select everything (ungroup) and press Alt+J or Edit > Auto-Join selected shapes, which usually fixes this.

Yes, it is DXF. I had imported the same type files multiple times in the past and it went without a glitch. Last morning I was working on a image trace and since then all the DXF files are doing this, even the ones that were closed previously. Will try what you suggested.

What is the difference between:

  • Close selected paths with tolerance
  • Auto-join shapes
  • Close path
  • Optimize selected shapes

Sounds like they should all do the same thing?

They are in the drop down menu. I don’t get an explanation for those as I do for the tool bar buttons.

It was also more intended as a reference to the fine documentation, here it is described, for example, what the difference is between the functions that you asked for. (if you press “show original” you will also come to the page)

Oh ok, got it! Thank you!


Now I can’t even draw a straight line on the software. It says path is not closed even when I set the shape to fill. Did I mess some setting or debug when I was tinkering with the software for the image trace?!

That sounds very strange. How about reinstalling LightBurn and hoping that the “basic settings” are restored?

You can also construct something in LightBurn and post it here, then I will report back with what the file looks like on my system.

That is what I was thinking. I guess there is no reset to default button on the software. I think I was playing with tabs I didn’t understand and must have done something in the debug mode.

So If I reinstall the software, does it default for sure? Does this mean I have to recalibrate the lens?

Also, If the height of the door is a bit off, do I have to make a new alignment picture for alignment or can I use the last one I used after calibration?


I do not really understand what you mean by calibrating the lens, your laser machine will not be affected by you reinstalling LB. It is different with your camera, here you will probably make a new setup but it should be possible to do it fairly quickly.

I just read that your height for your camera has changed, it requires a new adjustment, otherwise the result will not be accurate enough.

No, I meant the lightburn camera. Do I need to calibrate and align the camera after I reinstall lightburn or just align? Assuming the height doesn’t change.


Export the camera settings before you reinstall. Import the camera settings after reinstall.

To save/export/import camera settings right click on the image of you laser bed under the camera tab. Select the option you need.

Go to Help > Generate Support Data, then open an email to and paste. Include a link to this thread and I can have a look at your settings and see if something is off.

It is possible to reset all LightBurn settings, but it’s a bit of nuclear option since it will wipe all your device settings, material presets, etc as well.

To your other question:

  • Close selected paths with tolerance - Closes single-loop paths with a user-defined distance
  • Auto-join shapes - Connects multiple disconnected shapes together, but they must be very close for this to work
  • Close path - Similar to Auto-join, automatically closes paths that are very close to closed already. Could be rolled into “Close with tolerance”, but was done first.
  • Optimize selected shapes - Does not close shapes - this is for reducing node count.

Thanks y’all. I installed the software, the lightburn folder with the settings and reinstalled it. Looks like it is back to normal.

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