Shapes - One Contained Within Another (Doughnut)

Broken capability in Lightburn - cannot handle shapes contained with other shapes. For example, a doughnut - two concentric circles of differing sizes. Importing that as an SVG file, Lightburn only recognizes the outer shape, ignoring the inner hole. Filling the shape also fills the doughnut hole - wrong. So I’ll fix it within Lightburn using Boolean operations. Broken again - the Boolean subtract operation works with overlapping objects, but not when one object is contained within another object. C’mon guys, this is getting real frustrating. If there is some way to make a doughnut shape work properly, please let me know.

Can you upload the .svg file where this is occurring?

Well, the actual file I’m working with is much more complicated, and it’s really easy to draw two concentric circles. But I made an example of concentric circles… how or where do I upload a file?

Drag and drop into the form editor or push the upload icon in the form toolbar.

OK - sorry for the newbie questions.
Also - Lightburn 1.3.01


Donut2 is more accurate, but Lightburn still ignores the hole as part of the outer object. It is a separate object, and gets filled improperly. This is what it looks like in the CorelDraw…



The inner circle is actually two inner circles stacked on top of each other.

Notice that the outline appears slightly thicker than a normal outline.

Deleting the duplicate inner circle results in the expected donut shape.

Not sure how the original was created but cleaning up the original should get you what you expect.

Note that you can do Edit->Delete duplicates to remove true duplicate overlapped shapes. This won’t help if they’re not exact duplicates, however.

Thanks for the reply. Lightburn treats the circles as separate objects, and the shading only works properly if they are grouped together. I hope I can make this work on more complicated artwork.

Vector shapes in LightBurn do not accommodate shading. In fact, LightBurn has no concept of color other than as a method of organizing shapes.

If you’re trying to retain some sort of shading you would likely need to rasterize the vectors and import as a bitmap.

Lightburn shading is called “Fill” and is selectable in the Cut mode.

Oh. I thought you were talking about some sort of gradient or other method of shading.

But this raises other questions for me as I may have misunderstood your previous post.

Yes. Every shape is discrete. Even combined shapes in drawing applications will show up as separate shapes in LightBurn.

Knowing that you now mean filled for shading I’m not following this. LightBurn will make any overlapping portions of two shapes negative under these conditions:

  1. shapes are closed
  2. cut is set to fill
  3. shapes are on same layer

It does this regardless of grouping and will even do this for any overlapped shape. This is in contrast to other drawing applications that would require shapes to be combined before negating overlapping portions.

How Lightburn was treating an object contained within another object was throwing me for a loop. But you helped me figure that out. CorelDraw treats these objects differently.

As I said, my project was more complicated than just a doughnut. I had to futz around a bit, but I think I got where I wanted to go. Thanks again.

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What was confusing for me was that a single doughnut shape from Corel, consisting of both concentric circles that could be filled as a doughnut shape, was being imported into Lightburn as three objects - the outer circle and two inner circles. I don’t know where the extra objects were generated - in the export to SVG or in how Llightburn imported the SVG file, but there were too many objects. After deleting the duplicate inner objects, I was able to get everything filled properly and ready for lasering.

It’s definitely in the SVG file itself. Try importing the SVG back into Corel and see how it behaves there.

Alternatively, in the original Corel design what happens if you do Arrang->Break curve apart?

Yes. Isn’t that what we talked about or did something else happen?

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