Shapes Problem?

I keep getting this message everytime I run this file:
542 shapes were set to fill, but weren’t closed.
These have been removed as they cause problems.
This message always shows up when I run a preview and send the file to my Thunder Laser.
I just press continue and the file seems to burn just fine, bet wondering if it’s taking longer to engrave than it could.
This is a set of 15 coasters I burn from a single 1/4" sheet of material.
I aske if I want it to show me, but when I click on that, nothing actually happens.

I assume that the 15 subjects are identical. If you separate a single coaster and use LightBurn to show you “unclosed shapes”, you will see that you have quite a few of them.
If it is not a problem for you to show your coaster here in the forum, you can upload your lbrn2 file here for inspection and guidance.