Shift the camera each time of Ligntburn is restarted

Hello everyone,
I’ve fitted a fixed-focus camera to the lid of my new CO2 laser, and it’s fixed in place and doesn’t change position (another camera is also set up for a second diode engraving machine).
On my first diode laser, the camera works perfectly.
On my second laser, I selected my new ‘Ruida’ machine, the settings went well and just after calibration, it was perfect, with no shifting during engraving.
On the other hand, if I quit the software. I restart the application. Without touching anything on the machine, or restarting the computer. I make the acquisition, superimpose my part in the same place, during engraving I have a large offset between the screen and the real position of the laser (about 3 cm on the x axis and a few cm on the y axis).
Have I forgotten to save something? Can having a second camera on another machine interfere when it’s not selected?
I’m a bit lost and redoing the alignment each time wastes time.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you for your support

Hi Levier,

Can I ask what version of Light Burn are you running currently?
Also do this for me if I can ask
a) run the calibrations one time → run a test. Does it work OK?
b) right click camera control panel - > Export Camera Settings. Save somewhere n desktop
c) Close and reopen LightBurn. Try a little pattern to see if you have the offset.
If yes
d) Right click > Export camera settings > save as a different name please
e) Right click > Import camera settings > Import the previous saved version
Run test again. Still offset?

If so could you send to both pre and post restart LightBurn export files please?