Shift when printing a photo

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, I keep getting a shift when printing an image file. I have tried different speeds temps and all of the different ways to print, IE dither, Jarvis, Gray scale, tried them all and still getting the shift and not always in the same spot.


Hmm. Seems to me that the stepper motor is skipping. Have you seen multiple shifts in one image?

I’d check for a short in your wiring too. I was getting some really nasty things happening, and come to find out it was because the last person to work on the machine thought it’d be good enough to just electrical tape the stepper wiring…

Hi Vincent yes depending on the size it will skip up to 5 times or only once no pattern to it just random. I wasn’t sure if it was software or hardware, at one time I thought it was because I was stretching the picture.
Thanks for helping

Thanks Blake I’ll do some checking to see it is a wiring of stepper motor problem, I wasn’t sure if it was software or hardware problems. at first I thought it might be because I was stretching the picture.

I burned out an 7x11 sheet of solid letters and no skips it was perfect, only seems to skip on images, so I’m not sure if it is the stepper motor or not.

Your profile says Smoothieware. If you’re using stock Smoothieware, your maximum speed at 254 DPI will be 80mm/sec. If you try to go faster than that, the controller may skip. Look for the Cluster firmware posted on the C3D website, as it fixes that issue (you can go up to about 240mm/sec at 250 DPI without stuttering)

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