Shifted engraving several times

Hello all,

I am glad to introduce myself in this forum, thank you for the opportunity. My name is Jaime and I have a Neje Master 2/2S Plus 30W machine.

I’m new with Lightburn (1.0.06) and I don’t really know if the problem I’m facing is related to the software, hardware, communications or other reasons. The machine is connected by USB (1,8 meters).

Yesterday, I tried to make an engraving on a wood board and the result was surprising. As you can see in the photo, the engraving shifted at least 3 times.

I have attached the machine settings and the project in case it helps.
Settings 18-12-2021.lbset (5.4 KB)
arbol.lbrn2 (318.4 KB)

I would like to mention that, when I checked the finished engraving, the software was closed (not minimized). When I opened it again, it said that a project backup was available. I don’t really know when and why it was closed and if it could be related since the engraving is completed but shifted.

I have been searching for similar issues in the forum, but I couldn’t find anything similar.

Do you have any ideas?
Thank you in advance.

check your belts, is the first thing to do

If your belts are tight, and your laser is close focused, perhaps tape the working material down. The vibration may have let the working product shift a bit, especially if the material is a tiny bit warped.

If there is the least bit of warp, your laser head may have contacted the material and shut itself off, shock safety switch,

Hello again,

Thank you for your replies. I have been working with the laser a no more issues appeared by the moment.

I think the cable got caught in the laser and prevented him from moving forward, causing him to lose steps. I observed this a few days later during positioning for a new project, and temporarily solved it with a cable tie to prevent the cable from choking the laser.
Anyway, these are assumptions.

Kind regards.

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