Shifted graphics

Pulling my hair out after ruining a couple of xmas gifts… Trying to laser text into cutting boards. I align the text to the middle of the board as shown with my camera and proceed to laser (absolute coords). All graphics are burning into the boards about 3/8" to the right and just slightly higher of where I placed them. What am I doing wrong???
Windows 10, Ruida controller Lightburn 9.07

Are you moving the Z after you take the background capture? You can’t - focus on the material first, so the top surface is at the same height that the calibration marks were when you aligned the camera. That’s the height where the calibration is correct. If you snap an image at other heights, it will be off by an amount based on how far off the Z height was.

Thanks, pretty sure I focused the material before the capture but I will go through the process again in the morning to confirm.

So I ended up running the camera alignment wizard again and burning a much larger target image (2x3 feet) as suggested on a YouTube video. The end result was far superior camera/cut alignment. Not perfect but extremely close!

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