Shortcut for item centre alignment ? and behaviour

When using the Align tool … uses the same function of welding … deepening of what shat has been selected first … Got it.

However, behaviour still seems inconstant.
When selecting objects … outside and than inside … and for another set …first inside than outside …
Why is that ?

I have no idea what you are asking here. Can you rephrase the question?


(I think I figured it out, the selection does not work when using the lasso tool … only by click)

When I like to aline 2 objects
I select the inner object first, than the second outer object, the outer objects should snap to the inner object…
and the other way around

but when in had 4 sets and always started to select the other objects first …
sometimes the behaviour would change , and still the inter just to there other objects

is that possible ?

All the align tools work by aligning to the last object you selected. When you use the drag-selection, the order is pretty arbitrary. You can still do it that way though, like this:

  • Drag select everything you want to align
  • Hold the Ctrl key (this is to toggle the selection of objects)
  • Click the object you want to align to twice - once will de-select it, the second time re-selects it, adding it as the last selected thing
  • Now click the align key you want
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