Shortcut key for "Close Path"

In the online documentation it states that “alt-C” is the shortcut for the “close path” command. However, in the menu item there is no actual shortcut assigned to close path and of course Alt-C does not work. Was the shortcut removed?

I am using the latest version

I can duplicate that Alt-C does not seem to close path.

Yes, recently removed it because we found it was a common key in one of the non-English languages. (As in, it was a key press used to make an accented C character, and it kept causing that function to trigger) Documentation will need an update, so thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Our longer-term goal is to provide a ‘Hotkey Editor’ which would allow users to adjust our standard hotkey assignments to fit their needs without conflict, but this will take some time.

Seeing the same thing.

There’s already a Feature Request with 6 upvotes as of today:

thanks. I have recently found myself requiring to close a lot of paths in a project i am doing. Hope to see something for it soon

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