Shortcut Keys for Movement/Frame

Although DSP machines have easy movement control from the front panel for manually jogging the laser head, GRBL-based machines tend to not be as lucky.

I started out with a K40, but now have been spoiled by my big machine. I’m in the process of doing a GRBL conversion on my K40, and am considering building a USB HID pendant for movement control.

Is it possible to implement some (somewhat obscure) keyboard shortcuts that could be programmed into macro keys on a DIY HID pendant?

I believe what you are after may be implemented in the next release of lightburn on the (full sized keyboard) num pad.

I was thinking about getting a wireless number pad and leaving it on the machine. Do we know if changing movement speed/steps and fire button (laser low power for alignment) will be included? I can walk back across the room for the “start” button :smiley:

Fire button isn’t yet. Shift runs smaller steps.

The default setting for CTRL + arrow moves is 1.00. I have set it as low as 0.05 and it still doesn’t give me precise enough control on the Z Axis. My laser is set to focus at 1/8 inch from material so I need pretty precise control. Seems like any setting doesn’t have any affect below about 1/4 or 1/2 inch.

Am I missing something? Currently I have to switch to Carbide Motion to set my location since it can move as little as .01 mm.


I think the current edit control only allows 0.1mm increments, but with the Ctrl modifier you should be able to get much less than that. Have you changed the move distance value? I think that’s 10mm by default, but you should be able to set it as low as 0.1mm.


Yes that does work. Seems like setting a value and then using the spinner increases and decreases the value by 10 which works for me. Thanks for the reply.

The new release also increases the allowed precision to 2 decimal points.