Shortcut to Layer attribution


is there a shortcut to attribute a layer to a selected object/group of objets ?
If not, do you think it will be a futur feature ?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

What type of shortcut are you thinking? Are you talking about some sort of keyboard shortcut to directly assign an object to a layer?

keyboard shortcut could be fine. I have a lot of manual select and layer attribution to do.
Is there another way ?

I’m trying to understand why the standard mechanism isn’t sufficient. Select all objects that you want to assign, pick layer at bottom of screen.

it’s all about speed and quantity
I have to select more that 100 parts in a multi layer file.

But I understand it is a very specific need :slight_smile:

I can tell that you’re running into a a specific challenge but can’t tell why that challenge is so unique. Can you describe some more about what you’re experiencing? Perhaps a screenshot would help.

And what sort of shortcut would help you in this case? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it where the layer assignment process itself has been the bottleneck for working quickly. I suppose in a design where you were using dozens of layers this could become an issue…

the first visual (blue / red) is my original file. I have more that 140 files with pieces like this. And many jobs to do (each job is about 100 to 300 pieces)
I have to change the layer for the numbers (see the second visual).

My process is simple (and manual), select numbers (left button + shift) and click on the green layer.
I’ll save a lot of manipulations and mouse travels if I could use a keyboard shortcut to do it. I know that this need is insane. By the way, I’m working on the file itself and I hope that I will have a file with 3 layers. But its not for tomorrow !

Okay. I thought you were lukewarm on the keyboard shortcut idea so thought there might be more to it. This is where custom shortcuts or something like a “assign to current layer” or “assign to last used layer” would be nice.

Do you have access to the original designs for this? LightBurn will preserve layers based on color if it’s easier for you to do these assignments in the original application.

Yes, I produce the original design, but I can’t (for the moment) export a different color for the text.

Perhaps try grouping these in advance. I’ll assume you’re using AI for this based on your other topic. Avoid going to dxf if you’re working in AI. Either keep it as AI or use SVG.

I saw someone say that they could retain grouping from AI if they exported to SVG, then resaved the SVG in another program.

in fact I’m working on fusion360 to generate my dxf and all my work through its API.
I only used AI to test my grouping problem.

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