Shortcuts in lightburn

Just a simple question with the start and stop buttons what is the keyboard for the stop as alt-s is for start?

There isn’t one.

bugger i was hoping there was so i can add it to my joystick when i’m out in the garage myself and using the laser when i’m away from the keyboard

The laser itself has a stop button as well, does it not?

it does but i’m like 2.4 meters away on my big table and need to somehow stop the laser when i’m that distance away from keyboard and laser controller

How about getting the Ruida wireless remote control device? It is found on Alibabba and maybe places like ebay or CloudRay. The free app does the same thing but isn’t very helpful if your phone has slipped into sleep mode.

Good idea doug i’ll look into that thanx for the info

This is the new version of the remote. There was another version that might still be available elsewhere. I know I saw these for around $100 somewhere.

If you haven’t got your laser hooked up to your internet/router via Ethernet, you will need something like the following. You can find it cheaper elsewhere on the internet. Alternatively, you can by a generic access point off of Amazon for less than $25 (I use the Vonets one, I am pretty sure it is the Vonets 300, that I power using the unused USB port on my Ruida). Search the archives here or maybe it was on for a discussion thread about these access points and which configuration works best.

How about a short cut for Rotating 90 degrees? There currently isn’t one, but it would be a huge time saver for me.

Since you asked so nicely, we are going to need to use our time machine and see if we can get this done for you. :wink:

  • Rotate 90 clockwise Press ‘.’ (decimal) in the edit window
  • Rotate 90 Counter-clockwise Press ‘,’ (comma) in the edit window

See shortcuts here:

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Thanks! This will be a huge time saver!!!

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