Shortcuts needed for remote

Hi, I’m building a simple remote for my co2 laser using arduino and an ESP32 board that can emulate a bluetooth keyboard, here is the preliminary layout so far

What I’m missing and from what I read so far, there is no STOP or PAUSE shortcuts due to security reasons.

I think a remote of this type can benefit greatly by having at least a pause button, even better pause and stop buttons.

Is it much of a hassle if I ask for an obscure keyboard combination or even obscurer keyboard escape code for pause and stop that can be only used by a keyboard emulator remote like the one I’m building?

Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top? :grinning:


What co2 controller do you have?


I have a Ruida 6442 controller on an Aeon Mira7 connected via LB Bridge.

I ran across this app for an Android… Not sure if it works with the bridge or at all… Use at your own risk… I got it off the android apps from Google…


The ruida remote is not what I have in mind, I’m emulating a keyboard keystroke but wirelessly, its like having a second keyboard attached to the computer running LB.

Please dev team!!

Today I made the frame for the switches. Then wiring and finally coding. Still hoping to get these missing scan codes!

Screenshot 2022-10-06 003650

I’m not sure what you are looking for here. I would think it would be different for a Mac, Windows or Linux.

If you get the ‘codes’, how do you ‘inject’ this codes into Lightburn?


Its easy, I’m just emulating a bluetooth keyboard, so I send the appropiate shortcut and that’s it.

Screenshot 2022-10-06 143311

If you hoover over the buttons some of them show the shortcut, but, PAUSE and STOP have none

That seems to simplify it quite a bit. Maybe you should post questioning what those specific ones are.

There is also Feature Suggestions that will allow you to post a request and the users vote on it. I’d love to be able to pulse my laser when I’m at the back opposite corner adjusting a mirror…


Before posting this I read previous posts about this same thing, shortcuts for STOP, and there were always concerns regarding safety. Thats why I ask for keyboard codes that cannot be easily entered on a regular keyboard
That would eliminate the concerns and keep the benefits.

slowly advancing during the weekend, I have all the keys ready for breadboarding…!

All the addressable keypresses are working! at least using a Keyboard Event Viewer, tomorrow I will be able to test them live.

image shows working Alt-Shift-Z (focus) and Alt-S (start)

I’m still wishing for stop/pause keycodes

so anxious to test it…


it works!!

This would be faaar better with an API, but for the time being, I have no better idea on how to implement a remote.

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