Should I enable Passthrough whilst engraving these or No?

I am looking to engrave a photo of a friends dog onto both wood and acrylic. the wood, will be in a heart shape and lightly stained and varnished, and the acrylic is to do an led light.

I have heard so much about enabling and disabling passthrough - my head is a mush - what are your thoughts please?

Also, if you have any suggestions to improve my intended files , please feel free to say… I just put the photo into image-r

it is saying that the size currently is 666px width 375px height and 72dpi

I have an 80W C02, which Im loving using and learning

thank you for any help, advice, support, as always
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This prevents the image from being resampled internally at all and disables the normal image modes described below. Line interval / DPI will be directly tied to the size of the image. This is best used for images that have been pre-processed for laser engraving outside of LightBurn. - Image Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

This is worth review. You can adjust the image within LightBurn, so there is no need for external photo editing. - Adjust Image Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

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oh wow Rick - thanks a lot, I will have a look …much appreciated

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I have a file with 0.1mm dots. It’s used for testing resolution and was a Sadler creation.


It is run with ‘pass-through’ enabled. Run it with and without, see the difference… :slight_smile:

It’s very small, use the ‘zoom to frame selection’ option in the tool bar next to the camera to see it.

You will have a difference as the acrylic will be more consistent than wood, being a natural product.
Probably be able to produce a finer engraving on the acrylic also. The wood grain all ‘burns’ different.

The speed I’m running might be a little high for your machine, so check that.


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thank you Jack, thats very kind of you. I forgot to mention last time, yes, I eventually got my laser, and am so happy with it, am loving it. its a 80w CO2 300x500

Mine is a 50 watt China Blue, but it has had some modifications to it. It’s actually 508 x 344, last time I checked… :slight_smile:

I’m glad you finally got the machine and are having a good time with it. In the end, that’s all that really matters.

Good luck


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