Shout out to Jay at J Tech Photonics Inc

I had a problem with my laser that was not easily resolved. I had exchanged many messages with Jay at J Tech Photonics Inc, who are based in League City Tx. After some discussion with Jay, it seemed to be best to send my driver and laser for testing. This was done and I posted the laser, its wiring and the driver box from the UK. I sent it Royal Mail as Tracked and Signed. It required about six days to get to League City.

Jay looked at the laser within 24 hours and a solution to the issue was found. I purchased a new driver (kindly discounted for me by Jay). I have not been charged for the testing of my unit. My shout out to Jay is for providing extensive written e-mail support and then applying a fix and charging me less than retail prices for the service and part. I will point out that this laser unit was purchased from a European agent in October 2020. It is worth noting that the driver control box was very dusty so my own failure to keep it clean may well have caused the internal failure of the driver.

The customer service from Jay was outstanding. If you are stuck between various manufacturers for buying your first laser, I highly recommend J Tech because their support is second to none. Thank you Jay!


the BEST human in the laser biz!

It would be hard to disagree with your assessment; based upon the outstanding assistance and service that I have received from Jay, whenever I have contacted him.

Jay is the most honest and fair hardware vendor out there. I purchased my first laser from him over 6 years ago and he is still supplying quality products and services!

Yes, love him to pieces. You can teach an old dog new tricks…