Show all corners in perforation

Hello! I am using the perforation to create a dashed line on the inside of my rectangle. (See attached screenshot)

Is it possible to make it so that all 4 corners have both a vertical and horizontal line in the corner? See where the bottom right corner only has a horizontal line?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I have been playing around with your question and I have this suggestion. Draw your 2 strokes in a corner so that they hit each other if that’s what you want and afterwards use the distribution tool with the measurements you want. It showed example, took me under 2 minutes to make.

I’ve been playing around with the distribution tool and i’m not sure how to go about how to use it. It seems to just stack things on top of each other for me.

Give me your desired measurement and I will try to make a guide for you with this relevant example.

Thanks for your help!

Outside Box 230 x 205 mm

Inside Dashed Lines 215 x 190 mm

a certain number of strokes per line?

Doesn’t make a difference to me, what you have above in the picture works just fine!

I start by drawing 2 squares with the desired dimensions. The innermost square is only a utility and in a bright color.

Now I draw a line of 10mm on top of the yellow line

I adjust the distance until it fits with the right dimensions, here it is wrong with 0.2mm - ups

the same thing I do on the Y axis just downward

Now I mark all items on the X axis and duplicate them and move them with the down arrow key until it fits with the yellow guide.

I do the same with the Y axis lines

Now it is grouped and centered and looks ok

I hope I could help you