Show Cuts window: Show all / Hide all / Show selected

When it comes to Cuts window, I am missing the option to select between:

  • Show all
  • Hide all
  • Show selected

Have you right-clicked the header?


There is no “Show Selected” because you can only select one layer at a time, so it would take more clicks to select the layer, then click that option than it would to just click the ‘Show’ box.

Ah! I keep missing these hidden menus, i wonder why…
I have this project with many logos on a single canvas and wanted to hide all except selected.
I guess that having multiple canvas/tabs for a given project will render my request useless.


At the moment I can only hide layers, not shapes.

Didn’t read the documentation, I assume? This is in there:

And also here:

You caught me there.
to my defense I’ll say that i did read the manual through but this apparently slipped under my weak radar.

Google works reasonably well for the docs - If you search for LightBurn hide layers, for example, the layers page is the first hit (for me, at least, which might be biased because I go there a lot, but worth a try regardless).

I’m trying to fill in more of the documentation, and I put alternate text on images in them so they’re more likely to get hits when searched.

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